Housing projects should be ensured by a professional operator, equipped with a good and modern fire protection system.

According to experts, in recent years, the number of apartment buildings projects, urban areas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City increased strongly. Projects in the popular, middle and high-end segments are continuously market.

With advantages such as living space focused on an apartment floor, urban integrated facilities, located in locations with convenient transport infrastructure. Many apartment projects are suitable for young customers or multi-generational families.

However, recent fire and explosion in apartments has directly impacted the spending customers’ money decisions.









Apartment has become an ideal choice for families living in the city in recent years. (image of Valencia Garden Apartment – Long Bien)

After six years working in Hanoi, husband and wife Hoang Minh Duc accumulated enough money to buy an apartment. When attending the opening ceremony, he and his wife focus only on the immediate value such as area, quality of apartments, facilities, ecological space.

“However, after the fire incident, my wife and I have to be more cautious. I will find a project that is fully invested from facilities to utilities, and especially the management of the operation of the building to ensure a comfortable and safe life”, Mr Duc said.

PSA rehearsal fire protection periodically at Petrovietnam Tower 18 Lang Ha Street. Commit to resolve fire and security incidents to help the project owner score points in the eyes of customers.

At present, there are many companies in Vietnam that operate and manage prestigious buildings, including PSA.

Established 10 years ago, Petroleum Property Management and Exploitation joint stock company (PSA) provides management, operation and maintenance services for professional buildings.

PSA’s management and operational systems comply with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard, which is certified and controlled by DQS Germany.

PSA Security team is trained professionally, regularly participate in rehearsal, active in all situations. In addition, PSA is one of the first enterprises certified by the Housing and Property Management Department Ministry of Constructionto be eligible to provide management services for condominiums in Vietnam. The technicians team of PSA are trained, regularly participate in rehearsal, active in all situations.

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