Human resource is the core value to create immanent strength and confidence leading the competitive trend. At present, HT Construction’s staffs are mainly engineers, architects, graduates from reputable universities in Vietnam and abroad. In addition, we regularly organize training programs in accordance with the company’s development strategy, creating a staff of intellectual, creative and enthusiastic.

  • Warehouse: HT Construction has invested in the construction and expansion of equipment at 6B with an area of ​​over 5,000m2. The warehouse is managed by a team of professional engineers and specialists with methodical and scientific arrangement and maintaining the equipment regularly, ready for the task of supplying materials and equipment for the fastest, most complete for the project of HT Construction.
  • Lifting equipment: HT Construction uses tower cranes from France with an average loading capacity of 8-10 tons for the lifting of materials and equipment on the site; Modern Alimak hoist system imported from Sweden with 2 ton load per cage for transporting people and light equipment to construction floors. In addition, Unicons also uses other means such as loading hoist, working platform … in suitable construction work.
  • Covering equipment: At present, HT Construction owns more than 50,000m2 of scaffolding. Covering net, safety net covering the surface minimizes the risk of equipment dropping and contributes to the appearance of the building. Stairs system is designed to move safely up and down between floors to speed up the construction of HT Construction projects.
  • Scaffolding Equipment: HT Construction effectively utilizes the unique scaffolding systems such as Cuplock scaffolding, Ringlock scaffolding with a total of over 10,000m2. High quality, uniformly maintained scaffolding system and regular maintenance.
  • Aluminum coffa system: Aluminum coffa is an effective plan alternative to traditional wood coffa. With the strength to be able to construct the whole block (column-wall, beam, floor), simple scaffolding, and open construction site, aluminum coffa bring beautiful concrete surface, and significantly shorten the construction time in HT Construction projects.
  • Construction machinery system: HT Construction owns a large number of modern construction machinery to increase the efficiency of construction projects such as: steel cutter and bender, pressure sprayers, sand screeners.