According to representative of CapitaLand, green buildings are one of solutions to reduce greenhouse effect and urban heat island.

In recent years, climate change, erratic weather and impact from human have led to the increase of greenhouse effect of the atmosphere. Moreover, rapid urbanization is one of the causes of harsher weather. Especially, urban heat island effect makes the temperature in densely populated regions higher than others.

At a specialized workshop held on September 9th in Ho Chi Minh City, Mrs. Phan Thi My Linh, Deputy Minister of Construction said that Vietnam has signed a commitment to reduce the greenhouse effect, and at the same time called for other developed countries to support in building green buildings.

Since 2012, the Government has promulgated the National Strategy on Climate Change, the National Strategy on Green Growth and a lot of practical action programs. To materialize that policy, the Ministry of Construction has issued the “Action plan of Ministry of Construction on Green Growth toward 2020, orienting to 2030.”

According to representative of CapitaLand – one of the world’s large real estate groups headquartered in Singapore, way to reduce greenhouse effect and urban heat island is to develop vegetation, parks and green buildings. Therefore, green buildings will help in improving the living environment of the residents and communities.

According to representative of CapitaLand, green buildings in Vietnam have not been so popular despite receiving a lot of interest from customers. In order to meet market demand, the Group has invested in Mulberry Lane project. This is a rare project in Hanoi being awarded BCA Green Mark by the Ministry of Construction for its positive contribution to the environment.

At Mulberry Lane, a lot of areas such as the passages to the project, the surrounding walls, the interior all have a lot of the greenery. Moreover, five floors of the garages are also covered with the system of green vines. Hanging garden system with an area up to 2,000 m2 on the sixth floor is arranged along the project to create impressive image. In addition, the garages are constructed on the ground to reduce the cost of electricity for maintenance.

The project is surrounded by the system of equalizing lake and large swimming pool to create a cool, mild air all year round. The buildings are built in type of single house with reasonable distance, wide view, helping in maximizing the amount of light and natural air.

In addition, each apartment at Mulberry Lane is fully equipped with facilities. Living here, residents could enjoy open space with many green trees – the modern living trend chosen by many customers.

Hanging garden at the sixth floor throughout Mulberry Lane condominium creates the highlight

Owning Mulberry Lane apartment in this occasion, customers are entitled to many incentives from the owner. In particular, customers only need to pay 30% in advance to receive the apartment after a month, discount up to 8% (with fast payment schedule), profit from leasing up to 14% after two years and incentive of 1.5% for existing customers. All customers ordering to buy apartments from November 16th to December 16th will be donated pairs of Iphone X 64Gb worth up to 65 million.

CapitaLand has experience on investment in 150 cities in over 30 countries. Mulberry Lane project is expected to bring about positive changes for the society, hence it always make ultimate use of space to plant greeneries, reduce the heat absorption capacity and urban heat island effect for the surrounding community.

Lac Thao (VnExpress)