Ha Noi railway between Cat Linh – Ha Dong was begin construction (10/2011) and expected to be put into operation in the second quarter of 2015. Investors, contractors, the people of the capital are expecting the railway to be officially come into operation will contributing to solving the travel demand of Hanoians.

Some pillars were completed in Hao Nam area.

According to the design, Cat Linh – Ha Dong is a light overhead railway (viaduct) for public transport with a length of 13.05km. The contractor is China Railway 6 Group Limited Company. The railway starts from Cat Linh – Giang Vo intersection, then along Hao Nam street, Hoang Cau street, Thai Thinh l street, turn left at Lang street and follow the To Lich river. Continue go along Nguyen Trai Street to Ha Dong.

The last point of the railway is Ha Dong new bus station next to Highway 6. There are 12 stations in the same line: Cat Linh – La Thanh – Thai Ha – Lang – National University – Perimeter 3 – Thanh Xuan 3 –  Ha Dong old bus station – Ha Dong – La Khe – Van Khe and station New Ha Dong Bus Station.

Average distance between stations is 1km. The Depot (railway operate center) is located in Phu Luong Ward, Ha Dong District.

The train runs on a route of four carriages (the first stage of operation), or 6 carriages (the period after the traffic increase) with maximum passenger capacity per trip can be up to more than 1,700 people, Seating capacity is 156. The maximum speed of the train is 80km per hour, travel speed 35km per hour. The train has daily operating time from 5h to 23h (18 hours with a maximum frequency of 2 minutes per trip). Maximum transport capacity is 28,000 passengers per hour one direction.

The completion of the Cat Linh – Ha Dong urban railway project is expected to play a pivotal role in public transport, along with a fast bus network that will basically solve the problem of traffic congestion in the capital. And strive to reach the goal of public transport to meet 35 – 45 percent of the needs of the people of the capital.

Up to now, the Hanoi Urban Railway project, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong route has completed 42 bridge piles and is currently constructing 31 other bridge piles on the route such as Hao Nam – Hoang Cau, La Khe – Ba La and the area of perimeter 3.

Image of correspondent Petrotimes recorded along the Cat Linh – Ha Dong route:

Construction in La Khe – Ba La area.

Construction bridge piles in the Ha Dong bridge area.

Do not worry about the weather to work in the rain.

Construction at perimeter 3 intersection.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, Thang Long Tone Construction Joint Stock Company.

Some piers were completed at Hoang Cau area.

The piers on Hoang Cau Lake.

Hao Nam area

And La Khe – Be La

Nguyen Hoan (petrotimes.vn)