Luxury apartment project Waterina Suites in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City is the first product of Professor Kengo Kuma with wavy design.

Kengo Kuma is a famous contemporary Japanese architect. He has become a representative of architecture in Japan with more than 70 stylish and creative designs throughout the continent. Famous works by Kengo Kuma and colleagues such as Shanghai tower, China, the Hikari office complex on the south riverside of Lyon, France or the Naver Building, South Korea… He is also the designer of the Tokyo Olympic Stadium in 2020.

Kenja Kuma’s architectural thinking is imbued with natural beauty, with wood and paper as the main material, creating exquisite, supple, and creative works. The philosophy of harmony with nature is evident in the architectural works, expressing his personal identity in an intact manner.

Kengo Kuma has met with the media and partners in Vietnam to share point of views on architecture. He also revealed of serect the story behind his first project in Vietnam.


Architect Kengo Kuma (center) in a press conference on December 20.

Inspired by the bustling rivers surrounding the city, the bustling city and terraced fields of the northwestern Vietnamese, the exterior design of the Waterina Suites is soft waves. “Every apartment in the building has a river view balcony, wide view and Japanese quality,” said the project owner.

The idea inspired by the water wave described by Kengo Kuma in every corner of the balcony will see the wavy lines outside the building. The waves of the infinity pool and the waves of Saigon River will blend with each other.

For the interior, he applied pattern traditional Vietnamese in the hall and wells with the conception of design of the apartment should bring the characteristics and cultural experience, cultural landmarks of the locality.

The unique design of Waterina Suites brings the living space of oriental feng shui, with the desire to bring residents experience a comfortable life, freedom, harmony with heaven and earth.

Waterina Suites, the first works of Kengo Kuma in Vietnam.

Waterina Suites is the project demonstrating the determination to conquer the Vietnamese market of Maeda Corporation, a construction corporation with a history of nearly 100 years in Japan. The corporation has cooperated with Thien Duc Trading and Construction Company Limited directly under Long Thanh Golf Corporation to establish Maeda Thien Duc limited company. This is a joint venture of Waterina Suites.

The project implementation of the project brought many new techniques, according to standards from Japan. Owner representative shared, The furniture used is Japanese brands, including sanitary equipment ware of Toto Japan, Daikin air conditioner is in the ceiling, the walls of the apartment is Samurai mixed wall with good sound insulation, high hardness and fireproof.

Japanese Waterproofing Technology by First Kakoh, Japanese technology and solution, doors with aluminum frame by Fuji Sash are watertight, airtight and soundproof. Maeda Thien Duc aims to complete Waterina Suites into a product equivalent to five-star and quality Japanese.

One of the most unique architecture in Vietnam.

Representatives of Maeda Thien Duc said: “It is our responsibility to ensure the perfection and long-term maintenance of the project, so that when residents come to live, they will feel fresh, fun and happy”.

Kengo Kuma and his colleagues expect Waterina Suites to be a milestone marking cooperation between the two Vietnamese-Japanese architectures in the next works. The building is expected to be completed and put into operation in the third quarter of 2019.

Y Van (VnExpress)