Kim Tin Group inaugurated plywood factory MDF (FSC Vietnam) with a capacity of 400,000 m3 per year.

FSC Vietnam factory has a total area of 25 hectares located in Nam Dong Phu industrial park, Tan Lap commune, Dong Phu district, Binh Phuoc province. The company said that with a capacity of 400,000 m3 per year, FSC Vietnam is among the top MDF plywood manufacturers in the world, meeting the 20 percent market in Vietnam.

Kim Tin Group has just opened its MDF plywood factory in Binh Phuoc.

With a insvesment capital of VND2,300 billion, most of the machines were designed by the Siempelkamp contractor – one of the production unit leading plywood MDF in the world. FSC Vietnam factory is highly automated by using advanced technology and modern machinery from Buttner (Germany). This system provides all the heat and steam for the production process.

The group leader said that: “The use of machinery from the Buttner furnace energy supplier will contribute to minimizing production costs and avoiding environmental pollution”.

FSC Vietnam factory has a capacity of 400,000 m3 per year.

According to representatives of FSC Vietnam, the products meet the standards of European, Japanese and American markets. MDF sanding machine of NCC Steinemann from Switzerland gives the product a medium thickness, nice face.

CTS cutting system and automatic storage will cut the size of the board according to customer requirements, minimizing waste. In addition, the glue segment of the machines line in FSC Vietnam helps glue quality stability and reduce the concentration of formaldehyde, friendly to the environment.

FSC Vietnam is the second MDF plywood manufacturer of Kim Tin Group, bringing the total output plywood of MDF up to 500,000 m3 per year. In 2019, Kim Tin Group will continue to build two factories in Dau Giay Industrial Park with a total area of 32 hectares.

By 2020, the company expects to complete the chain of 4 factory and raise total output of Kim Tin MDF plywood to 1.2 million m3 per year,  45 percent of the market share in Vietnam.

The equipment in the factory is manufactured according to modern standards.

Business leaders said:  “The opening ceremony of MDF factory – FSC Vietnam will promise more than 200 highly qualified people and more than 30,000 workers in the exploit and wood processing sector.”

In addition, the corporation also implemented a closed process – exploitation along with planting and development of forest resources. The enterprise attaches special importance to creating high productivity seedlings, linking with the forestry farms and the people for planting, tending and exploitation.

Hue Chi (VnExpress)