M&E specialist works

Job Description:  Monitoring and report the progress of construction works to M&E Deputy Commander. Deploy the shopdrawing drawing; Disassembly of materials for M&E construction. Compile quality management records M&E. Supervise the execution of team and subcontractors to carry out M & E items at the site (for assigned items) to [...]


Job Description:  Check the contents of the stock receipt and stock issue of the Department of Materials and related parts. When returning or returning goods must directly receive and supervise goods when the goods up or down the correct number of categories, suppliers or not? When goods are stored in [...]

Head of Department QA/QC

Job Description:  Establishing the quality management system of the company. Construction and control of records in the quality management system of the project. Job Requirements: Professional requirements: KSXD, KSKTXD. Competencies and skills: quick grasp of work, good communication and presentation, document preparation, planning, understanding the circulars, decree, TCVN, honest, careful. [...]


Job Description:  On duty at the switchboard, receiving incoming calls, answering questions, inquiries of customers to departments in the company, recording information from customers message. Instruct guests to contact and work at the company - second floor 82 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 3. welcome and direct about applicant [...]

Technical supervisor

Job Description:  Managing construction on site to ensure proper technique, quality, labor safety and hygiene, schedule... Managing, monitoring entire operation on construction site. Instructing construction crews to build with proper technique, progress, labor safety and hygiene. Making detailed schedule, organizing construction works pursuant to the plan to ensure the progress [...]

Project accounting

Job description: 1. Call materials for works according to estimates. 2. Inventory inventory and report regularly to Executive Board and Chief Accountant. 3. Planning the collection and spending of the day and month. 4. Purchase supplies. 5. Monitor the cost of the works. 6. Track progress of works. 7. [...]

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